My short existence:


José Taboada Berenguer

Date of Birth:

Summer 1979

    Important Dates:
  • 1979.June. I was born, i am the 3rd in a family of 4 children
  • 1997.June 16-19. I passed my exams to go to University and i started my degree at the Computer Engineering School at the University of Granada
  • 2001.May. Thanks to my classmate votes, i was elected as College representative at the University
  • 2002. July 18. . My first time in the USA !!. I went to California for a month. Definitely, it was an awesome experience
  • 2002. August 23 - May 2003 . I started my exchange program at the University of Miami, Florida , USA. UM is #54 best college in 2006 in the US (Acording to the U.S. news and World Report)
  • 2003. May 10 . I left Miami !. In Miami i performed my senior project under the supervision of Dr. Geoff Sutcliffe. It was a small project for a super project called The TPTP Problem Library for Automated Theorem Proving . Miami was a unique experience. I wrote an American report about my experience at Miami. Click on the link to read it.
  • 2003. December 18 . I HAVE FINISHED MY MAJOR. I have a degree in CS & EEN !! I have completed A LOT OF diferent courses to obtain my degree.
  • 2004. March-August . I have completed the task of creating an e-learning website called the Agora Project at the School of Psychology (University of Granada). I was responsible for providing the installation, setup and maintenance of the e-learning system.
  • 2004. August - August 2006 . 2 years in Madrid!! I worked as 3G UMTS (WCDMA 2000) Engineer for Nortel, former #1 canadian telecom company and telecom leader like Cisco and Avaya. See my profile at Nortel by clicking at Meet José from the Wireless NTS Team
  • 2006. September - September 2010 . I lived & i worked in Amsterdam as Storage Engineer for Netapp, the '#6 best company to work for' in the US according to the Fortune Magazine annual report
  • 2010. September - Currently . I live now in Vienna and continue working as Storage Engineer for Netapp, you can see my professional profile in linkedin

Some of my hobbies:

  • I love to travel, see new cities, museums ... traveling is one of the best things in life

  • Photography...I am not a professional, but i think it's worth taking a look at my photo albums .

  • I love (of course) anything about technology... well, thatīs why i studied my major, isnīt it ?

  • I like the Archeology and History (especially the Ancient History). I really think that History can teach us a lot about our current lives.

  • In conclusion, i could say regarding films, music, food,etc... that i don't have especial requests and i like almost all different varieties.

    Some links:

    Manuel Taboada's Page
    This is my brother's page. His major is chemical engineering and you can find on his page a lot of programs about this field. Also, he has an amazing collection of original movie soundtracks.
    Julian Junghaenelīs website
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